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"Remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away!"
- Vicki Corona, "Tahitian Choreographies"

Celebration of Spirit

Concierge Ministerial Services

As concierge Interfaith and Inter-spiritual Officiants, we celebrate Spirit with you by performing customary and nontraditional private ceremonies and celebrations as well as serve as guest and interim pulpit ministers.  We are not bound by location, only by a call to stand for love.


For more information or to schedule your special event, please Contact Us.

All God's Creatures

Animal Blessings & Bereavement

Our cherished animal companions bring many gifts of unconditional love and acceptance, comfort and joy to our lives each day.  In honor of their love for us, we offer private blessings for all God’s creatures as well as pastoral care for those who have lost a special animal.

For more information or to speak to our team, please Contact Us.

Beauty of the Beloved

Arts Ministry

Beauty is a language we can all understand.  Throughout human history, people have expressed their understanding, love, and devotion of God in His/Her/Its many forms through cultural arts – music, dance, fine arts, poetry, and more.  We can learn more about ourselves and each other by sharing in the exquisite diversity and authenticity of art.  In our ministry of arts, we celebrate, study, speak about, and spotlight the beauty of Spirit in the arts from around the world.  

Enjoy our collage of Sacred Faces, Places, & Spaces on Instagram

Sacred Places & Spaces Travel Ministry

The world is filled with treasures of the Divine, from holy temples and tombs to vistas and vortexes.  Explore the many spiritual wonders of our world as we travel together to sacred sites around the globe.  Expand your horizons, gain a new perspective, and connect with kindred others on these life-changing journeys!


Due to the global pandemic, please check back for future programs.

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