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“God speaks in the silence of the heart.  Listening is the beginning of prayer.”
- St. Teresa of Calcutta, Roman Catholic Saint

Our greatest strength often lies in the knowledge that we are not alone.  Through the universal language of prayer, we connect as one with the One.  So wherever you are and whatever your circumstances may be, we are with you in prayer.  Whether you are in your darkest hour or pursuing your wildest dreams, we are here for you and with you. 



Request Prayer

Our Positive Prayer Ministry serves people of all faiths throughout the world. When you submit a prayer request, you enlist the support of our licensed prayer practitioners and ministers who are dedicated to knowing the highest Truth of and for you, a beloved child of the Divine. 


We respond to prayer requests via online every day.  Your request is held in sacred trust and is kept confidential.  You will receive personalized prayer support on this request for one week followed by a note of encouragement.  There is no fee for this service, though freewill donations to support this ministry are received with heartfelt gratitude.  Every prayer request receives equal love and attention regardless of contribution.  So, whatever brings you to prayer, knowing you are not alone can be a foundation of strength for any condition or circumstance.

Due to confidentiality, please provide your information only.

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The Way We Pray

Prayer has been a cornerstone spiritual practice throughout human history, yet people often feel uncertain or unable to effectively pray on their own.  While many people turn to prayer for divine intercession or in petition, to ask God for a circumstance to change or a desire to manifest, we begin with the premise that the desired outcome already exists in the Infinite Mind.  As the way-shower Jesus taught when he said, “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24), we pray with positive expectation, knowing that through God, all things are possible.


Drawn from the faith traditions of the world as well as today’s neuroscience-driven techniques, our affirmative prayer method is a solid and reliable framework from which we establish a consciousness of oneness with God and the essential wholeness and perfection of all life with thanks and praise for the abundant nature of the Universe. 


Countless lives have been transformed through this proven and powerful spiritual practice.  Trusting that we are guided, guarded, and fortified on the right path of our perfect unfoldment for the highest good of all frees us to receive all the blessings available to us.  Through positive prayer, we can tap into the unlimited bounty of the Universe and truly change our lives and the world one prayer at a time.

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