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New Year, New Thought

"Each day is a new creation, a new moment for a fuller awareness of spiritual reality

and a time for designing the new life we want to live." - Ernest Holmes

The dawning of the New Year often inspires a renewed sense of purpose, determination, and hope. It's a time when we cast the past and open ourselves to new possibilities. Yet so many of us get caught up in the demanding idea that we need to somehow radically improve or drastically reinvent ourselves at the start of every year. We make promises to ourselves - whether we label them resolutions, intentions, goals, aspirations or ideals that "this is the year I will.... No, really, I mean it this time!"

Not surprisingly, this approach usually results in undue stress and disappointment in ourselves because we lose sight of our true divinity; the originating promise that we are made in the likeness and image of that which we may call God, Spirit, the Beloved, or any number of names and we resist or deny our perfection. Without this understanding at front of mind, we forget how good we are and focus only on that which we consider flawed or lacking. So why not stop working against all that conspires for our good and stand instead in and as the promise born in each of us by harnessing the power of constructive thinking and allowing the one resolution or intention of loving our goodness, our God-ness be the motivating dream of the year?

"Here and now we are surrounded by and immersed in an infinite good.

How much of this Infinite Good is ours? ALL OF IT!

And how much of it may we have to use?


When we accept this truth as our foundation for creating a new way of being, we set ourselves up for assured victory. We build upon that which we know with the excitement and wonder of our childlike nature, eager to see what the new thought, the new day, and the New Year will bring.

For example, when we love our bodies, we are more likely to nourish it with healthy foods and beverages, provide it with optimum rest and activity and accept it for the exquisite expression of God in form it is. When we love our minds, we are impelled to provide it greater sources of truth, wisdom and enlightenment and allow it to be the clear and powerful individuation of the Infinite Mind it is. And when we love our souls, we are naturally attracted to spiritual teachings and communities which strengthen, uplift and support it on its right and purposeful journey as Spirit in action. Whatever our path may be - and all of our paths are different - the way will be made clear for us when we start from the premise of loving ourselves first then allowing that love to flow through all of our experience and into the world.

One new perception

One new thought

One act of surrender

One change of heart

One leap of faith

Can change your life forever.

- Robert Holden

The "mantra" of the New Thought philosophy, the Science of Mind and Spirit is: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. Where will your new thought take you this New Year?


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