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Love Letters from God

Love letters are the stuff of heart’s desire; the communiques of deepening connection between kindred spirits. Some are sentimental, some are sweet, and some confess a passion too bold to voice out loud. Though we typically think love letters are only for paramours, we can enjoy these special valentines between the many types of loves with whom we are blessed - from the loyal amity of philia love shared between friends to the selfless purity of agape love for all. And most especially, the founding and pervading love of all life, the love of and for the Creator by any name.


Today I created the sun for you so that

You may awaken and grow;

Be warmed by its golden glow;

Be filled with the hope of a new day;

And thrive in a healthy, happy way.

You are the light of my world.

Love always,


The myriad pet names we use for our loved ones and the One Love reflect the special bond we share, the unity of spirit, as well as our affection, reverence, and appreciation for one another. As with the many names for God, our terms of endearment come from holy and cultural influences alike and are deeply personal: Dear, Angel, Honey, Sweetheart, Boo, and Light of My Life, for example. While proper names are eminent, the names we privately use for the Divine and for each other connote our special connection.

For those who follow traditional religions, the names of God are handed-down through doctrine and ritual with very specific rules. But for those who identify as spiritual-but-not-religious or unaffiliated, finding a name for the Creator can be confounding and uncomfortable because of past associations or a changing understanding of the Divine, especially the idea of gender neutrality. How we saw God and our relationship with Him/Her/It as children may not be the relationship we know today. Some people find ease with the familiar names and others turn to more generic terms for inner harmony. Whatever the choice, every moniker represents the personal relationship and quite frankly, is nobody else’s business.


My Lamb,

When you follow my voice, I am at once your shepherd - ready to guide, provide, and guard you through all of life’s valleys and peaks. Hear me in the whispering pines, warbling birds, babbling brooks, and the tenor of your soul. Without you, my voice has no sound. You are the song in my heart.

Yours truly,


Special Delivery

We can receive love letters from the Almighty on a daily basis if we know how to listen, pay attention, and watch for the sure signs of heavenly messengers. People report receiving divine dispatches in prayer and meditation, while communing with nature, or engaging in a favorite activity. The still, small voice within, the unexpected compliment from a stranger, a promotion hard-earned - the messages meant just for us are as vast and varied as the Infinite itself. Three distinct qualities of a love letter from God are 1) the immediate impression it is meant only for us, 2) the uncanny and unmistakable precision of right words, sounds, or images that capture our attention; and 3) the unforeseen and impeccable timing of the message. As with most blessings of life, we typically receive exactly what love letter we are ready for when we most need it yet least expect it.


My Treasure,

I know this note finds you well, for you are perfect and whole in every way. You are the blessing and the blessed! I AM yours as you are mine every step of every day, now and through all eternity. No one can mute your magnificence or diminish your power. I delight in your ease, your grace and your joy! You are the prize in my eyes.

Forever yours,

Infinite Love

In our mass media society, the art of writing love letters has become an antiquity of classic literature even though the effect is timeless. In contrast to the cannonball blast of worldwide social media, love letters are intended to be private, pinpoint missives delivered straight to the heart of the cherished. Love letters are a two-way proposition; the recipient feels recognized, appreciated, and loved and the writer experiences an expansion of good with this practice of lovingkindness. Perhaps so many of us would not be clamoring for “look at me” attention if we all took the time to share our love and appreciation for the Divine, ourselves, and each other, more frequently one on one?

Developing a spiritual practice of writing love letters can open us to new possibilities of connection, creativity, and, of course, love.

The universal law of circulation or reciprocity dictates that when we participate in the flow of God’s good, we receive multiplied gifts in kind. Love letters from God are no exception. If we want to receive more, we must offer loving recognition first – to Source and every living embodiment of Spirit. We can open the channel for more love letters to find their way to us when we consciously practice writing them ourselves. Developing a spiritual practice of writing love letters can open us to new possibilities of connection, creativity, and, of course, love.

There is no rule on length, style, or structure; a love letter is penning a stream of consciousness that flows from the heart. Like all rivers, no two are exactly alike. A brief note takes great thought and little time; a full-out letter takes great humility and little fear. A love letter is more than a statement of gratitude, it is an expression of our unabated adulation; we write to loved ones because we are crazy about them! And that is precisely what God says in every love letter to us.

Imagine your own love letters to and from your Higher Power. As a spiritual practice, write one of your own and place it on your altar, in a prayer box, or burn in quiet ritual. Write another one to yourself, with the message you most would like to hear. If it is in your heart, whatever you write is indeed the Divine speaking words of love through you. Perhaps the practice will become a daily, weekly or monthly ritual - it all depends on how much love you are willing to receive. A couple of considerations when crafting a letter to God by any name and in any form:

  • What name do you use for your Higher Power that carries special meaning for you? What name do you prefer to be called? Proper names are important; terms of endearment are special.

  • What message do you most want to convey to the Almighty? What would you like to hear? Our inner/outer worlds are reflected in the words we speak silently, verbally, and in writing. These messages are incredibly valuable insights into our current state of consciousness.

  • Who do you value? Your partner? Your family? Your friends? Yourself? All sentient beings? Start with one and see where it takes you. Like a strong river, a steady practice can lead you to an ocean of love.

Every love letter stokes the fire of a cherished relationship. In this season of love and throughout the year, consider those with whom you seek a closer connection. As the emanation of Divine Love, every note of appreciation or adoration that you give as well as receive is a love letter from God.


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