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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Hints of spring spark the desire for fresh air and sunshine. Yet as we open the windows of our homes, our minds, and our souls to increasing light and new possibility, we often realize how cluttered, dusty, and crusty our lives have become – inside and out. Spring cleaning is more than an annual ritual for the physical home; it is an on-going opportunity to revitalize our spiritual lives, encourage personal growth, and prepare for all of the bountiful blessings awaiting our tender loving care.

Organize and Clean Room-by-Room

According to the Kilimanjaro National Park reports, most people do not climb Mount Kilimanjaro in one day. In fact, the longer someone is on the mountain, the more likely they will reach the summit. Similarly, allotting adequate time and energy to spiritual housecleaning allows you to move forward in a life you want to live with confidence. Like planning a trek up a peak, the key to a positive, fruitful outcome is to approach the process thoughtfully. Starting with the cleanest room – the area of your life you tend most regularly then moving room to room thereafter generates positive momentum and satisfaction from a string of accomplishments. Following is a suggested breakdown to assess your mess whether it is a mountain or a molehill:

  • Relationships (with yourself, with the God of your understanding, and with others including the environment around you) - Are your relationships reciprocal and healthy, one-sided, or clinging on for dear life?

  • Health – Is your lifestyle conducive to strengthening your body, mind, and spirit in concordance with your beliefs, sabotaging your best intentions, or starving for attention?

  • Home – Is your home in Divine order and representative of your true nature, overcrowded, or neglected altogether?

  • Work - Are you doing what you love, the best you can, or is it time for a change?

  • Wealth - Are you comfortable with what you have, in servitude to what you want, or ready for an increase?

  • Recreation - Are you actively engaged in groups and activities that encourage joy, drain your resources, or have been put away for “someday”?

Identifying what is in need of your attention be it release, rejuvenation, or a new beginning eliminates all shrouds of chaos or confusion and sets the course for a fulfilling life with clarity, certainty, and joy.

De-stress, Declutter, and Demystify

All of the prayers, vision boards, and mastermind groups in the world can never produce the results you want unless you are willing to do the work of cleaning up your spiritual life in earnest. Knowing what needs to be cleared is critical but without the follow-through effort, any insights will only become more brain clutter and cause increased stress. By cleaning vestiges of the past, you free the space within and all around you for the Universe to manifest what you really desire from the simple pleasures to your most cherished dreams.

The reward for your work is a shiny, sparkly clean,

purpose-driven life free from the obstacles that block

your most abundant, propitious path of spiritual living.

As you contemplate your life (including physical space), note the many types of distractions that interfere with your relationship with God and keep you from your joy and purpose. Using spiritual tools like reflection, prayer, meditation, and visioning, you can reveal the magnificence you are destined to be in every respect. For example:

  • Clear the cobwebs of outdated beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and judgments.

  • Empty the closets of shame and self-loathing.

  • Sweep out the dust bunnies of grudges, resentments, and regrets.

  • Wash away the tears of what could have been or once was but is no more.

  • Scrub clean squalid behaviors and old habits.

  • Organize thoughts in priority of a higher purpose.

By addressing the dirty little secrets with candor and compassion, you can demystify the complexities of life and step into wholeness of being. The reward for your work is a shiny, sparkly clean purpose-driven life free from the obstacles that block your most abundant, propitious path of spiritual living.

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness,

the human soul is apt to revive also.” - Harriet Ann Jacobs

A Ritual of Love

Spring represents the natural cycle of wondrous awakenings and new beginnings. When you clear the way for a brighter day you invite the light, the breath, and the warmth of Divine love, power, and wisdom to filter through your true essence and your worldly experience. As you celebrate the season, include spring cleaning as a ritual of love – love for yourself and the beautiful miracle that is your life.


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